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Know About Off-Page SEO – Complete Guide to Off-Page SEO

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Introduction to Off-Page SEO

SEO performed from sources other than your site Off-page SEO is all about building links to your site, increasing your site brand awareness on social media. There is an algorithm for this is known as Page Rank.

Page rank

  • A Site’s Authority is no longer tracked by its Page Rank
  • Graining Authority through off site SEO efforts is similar
  • An algorithm that analyzed web links to determine the relative importance of website
  • when a website links to another website, it is counted as a vote
    • links / votes increase a site’s Page Rank
    • could influence the search engineers

Page Rank Measurement

  • Value based on the amount & quality of links
  • Scored between 0-10
  • Higher Page Rank Sites on their ranking to your site
  • Passing of rank was known as “link juice”

Page Rank history

  • Rankings use to be public knowledge 
  • Free page rank tools were available
  • Toolbar Page Rank wasn’t updated regularly
  • Google had private, frequently updated page rank scores
  • Page Rank doesn’t have value now

Ranking Factors

  • We can only assume a page’s authority
  • Google’s current ranking factors are unknown
  • Incoming link are still valuable ranking factors

Importance of links

  • Importance of links has slightly declined
  • This metric was easily manipulated
  • link quality is now critically judged
  • low qualities link can result in penalties
  • Off Site SEO requires creativity & patience


  • Well regarded metrics are still available
  • Moz Metric is the most referred off site metric

Earning natural links

  • links should be earned naturally
  • Earn links that appear natural
  • provide great user experience & content
  • A form of outreach is necessary

Google’s Algorithm

  • Improved on weeding out poor quality links

Main link judging factors

  • Amount of links your website has
  • Quality of the links
  • Relevance of the links to your
  • Placement of links
    • Footer & sidebar links are less valuable
    • Not automatically considered bad links
    • Place a “no follow” code on those links
  • Free website themes place links back to creator’s site
  • Tons of irrelevant links pointed back to them
  • will look at your profile & link history
  • Best type of link is surrounded by text
  • Anchor text of a link is important
    • Clickable text of linkle
    • Good keywords in anchor text
    • Keyword rich anchor text is unnatural
  • Google will look for reciprocal links

Link Disavow Tool

  • Allow users to discount poor quality links
  • located in the Google Search Console
  • links you don’t want in your back link profile

Social media Benefits

  • Correlation among social media & higher ranking
    • Correlation never means causation
  • Indirect influence on SEO by engaging your user base
  • Can Increase online brand visibility
  • Improve reputation

Social media links

  • Specific social media factors don’t affect your ranking
  • Google crawls all accessible links
  • Tweets & posts linked to your site increase of portion
  • Tweets & social profiles are “no follow” links
  • Don’t pass authority to the linked Site
  • Won’t boost your site authority
  • Tweet /post links can increase visibility in search results
  • Can increase social channel referrals & brand recognition

Social media importance

  • Takes time to build an audience
  • Useful for SEO & marketing efforts
  • Make social media PART of strategy ASAP


  • Optimize social media profiles
  • Increases social media visibility in web searches

Pinterest SEO

  • It offers great SEO opportunities
  • Can rank highly for related searches
  • Can offer value to your business
  • Ranks well for long tail niche keywords
  • Optimize Pinterest boards to draw visitors to your site
  • Boards with many followers rank better in searches
  • Develop a following with good Engagement


“Off-page SEO” (also called “off-site SEO”) refers to actions taken outside your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Along with on-page SEO, these include several of the factors of basic SEO that h